Director's message


Dear fellow physicians,

Greetings !

I would like to wish one and all for the fruitful and rewarding establishment of the academy for emergency, trauma and critical care medicine (AETCM).

As the Director of this AETCM Academy, I am grateful to all the members of the Governing Council of the Society and Office bearers of the AETCM to execute our plans. The Academy’s goal remains in upholding the professionalism and clinical competencies of public health and medical education in India and the World. The Academy will continue to maintain the honour and dignity and encourage the interest of the medical profession and look forward to keep up the standards of the specialists.

I am pleased to report that the AETCM was started with a mission to protect public health and safety, enhance the regulation of health products, promote and encourage development, advancement and research in the fields of Emergency medicine, Trauma, Critical care and all other medical disciplines.

The Academy plans to support my dear fellow physicians through the lifetime of your career and we aim to roll out more programmes to support the professional development of those choose to join the stay with the Academy.

I am proud that AETCM is keen on spreading this awareness and concept all over the country, it could never happen without committed partners who share a similar vision. Our team has meticulously planned details over the past few months and will be offering Basic and Advanced Life Support programs on a regular basis and also other short term emergency and critical care training programs in the future. We are confident that together we can make a difference by training more individuals to save lives. Every participant who benefits from the AETCM Academy could make an impact by providing appropriate care during emergencies and more importantly, it is essential to promote co-operation among them. We are committed to continuing to recruit and retain the best and the brightest physicians in the region.

Taking all together, we will make great efforts in promoting the establishment of academy for emergency, trauma and critical care medicine (AETCM) for a better development.

Best wishes,

Dr. Gireesh Kumar K P
Director, AETCM