September 3rd-4th, 2015 @ AIMS
Kochi, Kerala


Advanced Emergency Life Support (AELS)

Under AELS, we would be having a series of National Conference in the field of Emergency Medicine.

This AELS conference focuses on Cardiac Emergencies.

Cardiovascular emergencies are life-threatening disorders and one of the commonest presentations to any Emergency Department. These must be recognized immediately to avoid delay in treatment and to minimize morbidity and mortality.

It is our privilege to host this combined seminar cum workshop, which will be a comprehensive program encompassing the fields of Cardiac Emergencies.

Topics Covered are:

  1. ECG
    1. Basic Rhythm
    2. Advanced Rhythm
  2. Advanced cardiac emergency life support protocols.
  3. Basics of ECHO/Imaging for emergency physicians
  4. Basics of fluids and electrolyte